Sunday, August 03, 2014

More Veggies!

 Another bag of beans for the freezer.

First time growing Great White heirlooms. Beauties!

Visiting With Carl and Christine

Last Thursday, we met up with our old friends Carl Clark and Christine who had come to Maine for a short vacation. We met up with them in Portland, had some good flatbread pizza, walked along Commercial Street talking and window shopping and then drove up to the Eastern Promenade where the kids and us played in the playground overlooking the Gulf of Maine. It was a great time and we miss you guys already! Come back and visit again soon!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

First Batch Of Mead

First batch of mead is underway! Two gallons, one will be straight mead and the other, a melomel, that is, a fruit added to the mead. I'm thinking raspberry/lemon. Primary fermentation should be done in about two weeks and then they need to be racked (transferred to more carboys while trying to filter out the dead yeast at the bottom) and then aged for another 2-4 months. And yes, old Carlo Rossi gallon jugs make excellent carboys!

Some Lens Fun

With the LensBaby that Jim gave me. Its sort of like a poor man's tilt shift lens, like a view camera's bellows you can alter the focal point and distort your subject.

More Sprinkler Action!

Sourdough Rye

First try at using a starter that I've stored in the fridge for the past few years. Not too bad.